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HaloBerlin - Szkolna 8 | 62-060 Stęszew | woj. wielkopolskie | numer telefonu: +48 602 712 998 | NIP: 777-216-18-53 | REGON: 634581730

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People looking for a dependable company offering transit by bus from Poznan to Berlin airports, will find assistance in HaloBerlin. Each transportation service performed by them is professional and punctual, so you will never have to worry about being late for your plane again. A fleet of modern and dependable vehicles will allow you to get some rest during the trip. Moreover, every driver employed by HaloBerlin is equipped with the needed qualifications, as well as the experience, to perform safe and expert transits.

A reliable bus from Poznań to Berlin airport

HaloBerlin offers mostly trips by bus from Poznan to Berlin. The airport is the most frequent starting point, as well as the final destination of the majority of the company's rides. Poznan has only one, however, Berlin does have two - Schonefeld and Tegel, so the customers need to be precise when requesting a transit. Depending on the time your plane is boarding or when you need to do the check-in, the company will try to set up the most satisfying date and time. The reservation form on their website will let you include all the needed details for them to prepare an offer for you.

Pełna oferta: Bus Poznan Berlin Airport

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